Workers Comp Fraud Investigator

Workers Comp Fraud Investigator

Workers compensation fraud is an unfortunate but critical issue that impacts businesses across all industries. While most workplace injury claims are legitimate, a small yet significant fraction involves false claims, exaggeration, or outright fraud. These claims are the ones that question the efficacy of the system and waste resources. Shadow Company Investigation’s workers comp fraud investigator services are designed to detect these fraudulent claims and safeguard the interests of our clients.

We proudly serve businesses, insurance companies, and similar other organizations throughout St. Louis and the State of Missouri. Our extensive experience in the field of private investigations, spanning over three decades, positions us as experts in uncovering workers comp fraud. Apart from this, we can also help you with due diligence investigations and business fraud investigations.

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What Do Our Workers Comp Fraud Investigation Services Include?
Shadow Company Investigations is dedicated to providing comprehensive workers comp fraud investigator services that address the multifaceted aspects of these cases and bring the truth to light.

Workers Comp Fraud Investigation in Missouri

Here is what our workers’ comp fraud investigator services include:

Claims Fraud Investigations: Our workers comp fraud investigator team delves deep into the details of claims, meticulously analyzing them to identify any discrepancies or signs of fraudulent activity. This approach ensures workers’ legitimate claims are processed promptly while fraudulent claims are exposed.

Employee Surveillance: We can also help you monitor the activities of individuals who have filed workers compensation claims and conduct background checks on them. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance tools and techniques to gather evidence that either validates or refutes the claim’s legitimacy.

Workers Compensation Surveillance: Our workers comp fraud investigator services also include comprehensive workers comp surveillance. We do not just investigate employees but the employers too. We investigate both sides of the equation, scrutinizing both claimants and employers to ensure that the system is free from exploitation.

Slip and Fall Accidents: After being in this industry for decades, we know accidents can be staged, and injuries exaggerated. That is why slip and fall accidents make a major part of our workers comp fraud investigation services. We investigate slip and fall accidents to determine whether the incident was genuine or a deliberate attempt to secure compensation fraudulently.

Conducting Witness Interviews: In many cases, witnesses play a crucial role in validating or debunking claims. Our workers comp investigation team is well versed in conducting thorough witness interviews. We gather statements and testimonies that shed light on the authenticity of the claim and minimize the chances of deception.

Need an Expert Workers Comp Fraud Investigator Team in St. Louis or Other Parts of Missouri?
At Shadow Company Investigations, our workers comp fraud investigator team is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the workers compensation system. Being from the local St. Louis area, we have optimized our investigations for organizations based in St. Louis and the State of Missouri, ensuring that our services align with local regulations and standards.

No matter how complicated your case is, we have the dedication and capability to find the necessary evidence and ensure you do not end up handing payouts to false claimants. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and find out how our workers comp fraud investigator services can help you.