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S.I.S. Global Investigations provides Background Check Services in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Egypt. When people, small businesses, Corporations, Hiring Companies, Staffing Agencies, Human Resources, and Recruiters need to hire an Expert Background Check Company they trust S.I.S. Global Investigations. Call us for a Free Background Check Consultation today.

We must understand as to what is a background check? What is the purpose of a background check? What are the different types of background check services? How can a private investigating agency like us help in obtaining that evidence? How long does  background check take? How is an overseas criminal record check in Italy conducted? Can we conduct a background check? What laws pertain to a criminal record check? How to get a police certificate ? Can we do criminal record check for citizenship? How to get a police report? The chief private investigator will answer all the above queries and more in the given below article.

What is a Background Check?

A background check or even a background investigation is the procedure of finding as well as gathering work history, conviction records, business records, and bank records of a person or a company. The amplitude, intent, and authenticity of background checks diverge between nations, industries, as well as persons. An assortment of techniques are utilized to put down such a check, from extensive computer database pursuit to individual consultation stated the senior crime scene investigator from the Shadow company investigations (SCI) in Rome, Italy.

What is the Purpose of a Background Check?

Background checks are frequently solicited by organizations on job applicants for employment screening, particularly on applicants searching a place that needs top security or an area of credibility, like in a college, courthouse, clinic, banking establishment, an airport terminal, and government office. A bureaucratic agency conventionally checks these types of background checks for a minimal fee. However, it can also be verified by a licensed private detective agency like the. Outcomes of a background check usually contain previous job validation, financial record, and conviction history. The purpose of background checks is to guarantee the safeguard and protection of the worker in the establishment explained the chief private detective.

These types of background checks are frequently utilized by companies to find a job applicant’s prior errors, moral character, as well as medical fitness, and then to detect possible recruiting risks for protection and safety reasons. Background checks are likewise utilized to thoroughly scrutinize probable government employees to be given a safety clearance told the senior PI from SCI in Rome, Italy.

Background checks are often carried out to validate data from an employee’s application form or biodata. One research displayed around half of all background checks performed on probable staff differ as to what a job applicant provided and the proof it revealed. They are besides shown to get a likely employee and select the right one for the organization feels it is best equipped for the place.

Organizations are responsible for the safety of their work environment and their staff and avoid some other staff issues in the office. Background Checks are as well obligatory for those employed in places with unique safety conditions, like motorways, seaports, and airport terminals. Regulations are there to stop those people who are unable to clear a criminal background check from having careers involving the aging, handicapped, or kids informed the expert private investigator from the global private detective agency.

Background Check Laws

Before getting personal information, there is no need to communicate the job applicant or also to get his approval. Data protection law the individual must be informed before regarding the need for a background check if the information has to be provided willingly or compulsorily and also the outcome of compulsory information surrender.

At the organization’s request, job applicants should give their social security number to them. Officially available information, like a birth certificate, could be read by the company at any time without the approbation of the job applicant; precise data could only be seen with the sanction of the job applicant, the employer exhibiting a unique interest. The company can extensively verify statements made by the job applicants regarding their educational qualifications. Also, by giving a special request, educational institutions are entitled to submit their evaluation (preferably through electronic data) to the company. It usually applies to inquiries made by former employers. The recruiting company might summon the job applicant to give the credentials on prior countrywide convictions as well as pending court proceedings in the potential employer’s province. However, the company might not call for banking or credit card data.

Background Check Services

specialize in background check rendering employers and companies with everything they need to aptly cope with the induction of a recent participant to their team. We offer expert background checks on your present and potential worker to guarantee that they have the correct educational qualifications and experience needed for their new job. If you want to know whether they have a criminal background, or want to assure that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations, we can support by providing:

  1. Economic and credible employee background check solutions across the globe.
  2. Faster procedure; no paperwork; state of the art technology.
  3. Our solutions are economically positioned, rendering you a smarter and quicker solution.

Below you will know more about the perspective that drives us at Background Check and the solutions that we offer.

Background Check Solutions

If you are concerned about a package deal or perhaps a personalized service, we can provide you with both.

  • Metropolitan, State government, Federal government, and Global Conviction record check
  • Job and Educational qualification validation
  • Checking the social security details
  • Automobile Records Check
  • Licensed software with consolidation technology which is congruent with the most Applicant Tracking Systems


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