Skip Tracing in North America

Unlocking Connections: Skip Tracing Services in North America

Skip tracing is a specialized investigative technique that involves tracking down individuals who have seemingly disappeared or are difficult to locate. This process requires a combination of investigative skills, access to various databases, and a deep understanding of legal and ethical considerations. Skip tracing services in North America play a crucial role in locating individuals for various reasons, including legal proceedings, debt collection, and reuniting with lost contacts.

Key Aspects of Skip Tracing Services:

  1. Address Verification:

    • Verifying and updating the current addresses of individuals, ensuring accuracy for legal and contact purposes.
  2. Contact Information Retrieval:

    • Gathering updated phone numbers and email addresses associated with the individual being traced.
  3. Legal and Ethical Compliance:

    • Conducting skip tracing within the bounds of legal and ethical standards, ensuring privacy and avoiding any unlawful practices.
  4. Database Utilization:

    • Accessing a wide range of databases, public records, and proprietary information sources to gather relevant data.
  5. Information Analysis:

    • Analyzing collected data to identify patterns, connections, and potential leads that can aid in locating the individual.
  6. Collaboration with Investigators:

    • Coordinating with other investigators, law enforcement, or legal professionals to gather additional information or insights.
  7. Field Investigations:

    • Conducting on-the-ground investigations when necessary, such as visiting known associates or locations associated with the individual.
  8. Asset Tracing:

    • Tracing the assets and financial history of individuals, especially in cases involving debt collection or legal proceedings.

The Skip Tracing Process:

  1. Client Consultation:

    • Understanding the client’s objectives and the purpose behind the skip tracing process.
  2. Information Gathering:

    • Collecting any available information about the individual, including last known addresses, phone numbers, and associates.
  3. Database Research:

    • Utilizing various databases, public records, and online resources to gather additional information.
  4. Analysis and Leads Identification:

    • Analyzing the collected data to identify potential leads and connections that can help track down the individual.
  5. Field Investigations (if necessary):

    • Conducting on-site investigations or visits to locations associated with the individual to gather more information.
  6. Contact and Confirmation:

    • Verifying the located individual’s identity and confirming their current address or contact information.
  7. Reporting:

    • Providing a detailed report to the client, including the steps taken, information gathered, and the current status of the skip tracing process.

Why Opt for Professional Skip Tracing Services:

  1. Expertise:

    • Professional skip tracers possess the skills and experience needed to navigate complex cases and locate individuals efficiently.
  2. Legal Adherence:

    • Ensuring that skip tracing activities adhere to legal standards, protecting the client from any legal complications.
  3. Comprehensive Databases:

    • Access to a wide range of databases and information sources that may not be readily available to the general public.
  4. Efficiency:

    • Professional skip tracers employ efficient methods to quickly and accurately locate individuals, saving time and resources.


Skip tracing services in North America are invaluable for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals seeking to locate individuals for various purposes. Whether reuniting with lost contacts, serving legal notices, or addressing debt collection matters, professional skip tracers bring the expertise and resources needed to navigate the complexities of locating individuals in a vast and dynamic landscape.

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