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Match, E-Harmony, Zoosk Online Dating Scam Investigations

When people need to hire a Private Investigator or Private Detective for Online Scam Investigations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Egypt they trust S.I.S. Global Investigations. We handle Online Dating Scam, Cat Fish Investigations, Sextortion, on E-Harmony, Match, Zoosk, FaceBook, Romance Scams, Online Dating Investigation,YouTube, Online Fraud, Vehicle Scams on Craigslist, and FaceBook Market Place. We are owned & operated by Law Enforcement Veterans with over 25 years’ experience in handling complex investigations. Please call us today for a Free Private Investigator Consultation.


E-Harmony Dating Scam & Investigation Services

If you have met someone online and told them everything about you, sent personal information, and even given your address and now this online person you are talking to or feel you have fallen in love is seeming suspicious or that they have ulterior motives, or are in fact using you for money, material possessions or other reasons we can help you by unleashing the best Private Investigators & Detectives money can buy to dig into your case and bring you closure and in some cases bring this person to being prosecuted by Law Enforcement if they have bribed, blackmailed, extorted you by threatening you or threatening to release embarrassing pictures, video’s, or information about you to your friends, neighbors, employers, the public, your family, or even your spouse.



E- Harmony, Match, Zoosk Dating Scam Investigative Services

If you have been scammed on a Dating Site and feel like you have been violated, we can help you try to piece back together your life slowly by taking over the stress from your life by investigating the matter ourselves. You may ask how can we help you? We have hired only the best Private Investigators & Detectives that money can buy to provide our clients a top shelf dating investigative experience. Many times, by the time people call us they have been traumatized by this experience and have developed depression and a lack of trust for everyone around them. This then causes problems at their home, work, and personal life.



Automobile Scams Online

Craigslist, Facebook, Auto Trader Auto Fraud, Theft, Scam Investigations

Craigslist, Facebook, Auto Trader Auto Theft & Online Scam Investigations

If you have experienced auto fraud, online car scam, or had your vehicle stolen on Facebook, craigslist, or auto trader been ripped off or scammed out of a vehicle purchase, had your car stolen, or was defrauded out of your vehicle with counter feit bills, movie money, fake online profiles, fake business, wired money, fake checks & cashier’s checks, or other online vehicle purchase on Facebook Market Place or Craigslist we can help. When people have been defrauded online with Fraudulent Online Car Scams, they trust Shadow Company Investigations. We are owned & operated by Law Enforcement Veterans with over 25 years’ experience in handling complex investigations. Please call us today for a Free Auto Fraud Consultation.


Facebook Market Place Auto Fraud & Theft Investigations

If you have bought, sold, or traded a car or truck on Facebook Market Place and were ripped off, scammed, or defrauded by any means at all you have come to the right place. We have Law Enforcement Veterans with over 25 years’ experience handling auto theft & vehicle fraud involving online car scams on Facebook & Facebook Market Place. When people have found a deal, they think is to good to pass up and wire money, mail a check, or make any type of payment and never receive the vehicle, find out the vehicle does not really exist and was


Craigslist Auto Fraud & Theft Investigations Services

When people have used the popular online site Craigslist to buy, sell, or trade any vehicle at all like a car, truck, motor home, atv, four-wheeler, or side by side and realized they have been ripped off by a fake profile or business via a transaction in which they sent a payment with a money bank wire, cash app, zelle, venmo, mailed a personal or business check, or sent a money or cashiers check and never received the vehicle they were promised we can help. There are hundreds of thousands craigslist consumers taken advantage of each year by online auto theft predators just waiting to see the perfect deal to pounce and the perfect personality type or elderly person they can take advantage of. These Online Auto Scams affect millions a year and law Enforcement cares but is overloaded, does not possess the manpower, resources, or funding to work specifically on Auto Theft Task Forces like we do. We have investigators


Auto Trader Auto Fraud & Theft Investigation Services

If you have been scammed on Auto Trader over a vehicle purchase or sale and are now out your money, vehicle, and have received no help from your Insurance Company, Law Enforcement, or anyone else then we can help. SIS Global Investigations is known for handling Online Car & Truck Scams for victims of Auto Fraud & Auto Theft Rings. When people are ripped off by way of online vehicle scams, they feel violated, have nowhere to turn, and begin to trust no one which then complicates things even worse. This is when you need to contact professionals like our Auto Fraud & Auto Theft Task Force Investigations Unit at Shadow Company Investigations who are veteran Private Investigators and Detectives nationwide that are specially trained in investigating and solving online vehicle scam investigations nationwide. When people in all 50 States are ripped off online by a car or truck scam, they trust us because we are the industry example nationwide for all auto theft or online auto fraud scam investigations. We have successfully solved thousands of investigations



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