Online Dating Investigation Services

Online Dating Investigation Services

The present-day digital age has given an exponential rise to online dating. People are finding their romantic partners online through various dating sites and apps. And while this presents an incredible opportunity to find love, it also brings multiple challenges. It is natural to feel uncertain and have questions about whether the person you are dating is genuine or a scammer, whether they are married, if they are cheating on you, etc. That is where online dating investigation comes in.

At Shadow Company Investigations, we help you investigate your online dating partner and provide the clarity and peace of mind you deserve. We have a fantastic team of retired law enforcement professionals with over 30 years of experience. They are dedicated to uncovering the truth discreetly and ensuring your safety and confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our online dating investigation services.

What Do Our Online Dating Investigation Services Include?
Our online dating investigation services are designed to answer several crucial questions related to the integrity of online relationships. We can provide answers and solid information to the following questions.

Is the person you are dating married?
It is not uncommon for people to find out that the person they are dating online is actually married and deceiving their partner. This leads to heartbreak and emotional trauma. To ensure you do not end up in such a situation, we offer thorough marital status verification as a part of our online dating investigation services.

Our investigators leverage cutting-edge technology and employ their skills to determine if your potential partner is already married, helping you avoid deception.

Is your online partner a genuine individual or an online scammer?
Online dating scams are increasing rapidly. These scammers exploit vulnerable people, trapping them in false romantic relationships and scamming them out of money or other valuable information. Our online dating investigation services help you avoid this as well. Our team will help you confirm the authenticity of the person you are communicating with online, ensuring they are who they claim to be.

Do you need a criminal background check before taking the next step in your relationship?
Online Dating Investigator

For many, conducting a criminal background check on your virtual romantic partner is crucial before taking the next step in your relationship. We offer comprehensive criminal background checks to ensure that your online partner is not a convicted criminal, is not a sex offender, does not have legal charges against them, etc.

We offer nationwide background check services, so no matter where your partner lives in the country, we will uncover their criminal history.

Is the person you are talking to online a catfisher or Online Romance Scammer trying to get money or find out other information possibly about you?
Our online dating investigation services can help you uncover catfishers or online romance scammers who might be trying to steal personal information, private photographs, inheritance details, etc., from you.

Hire the Best Private Investigators for Online Dating Investigation Services Across the Country
At Shadow Company Investigation, we prioritize your safety and well-being. We understand how sensitive online dating matters are, and so we do everything possible to ensure you are with the right person and your interests are protected. While we are based in St. Louis, we offer nationwide online dating investigation services. So, no matter where you are in the country, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation and to learn more about how our private investigator services can help.