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A Nursing Home Investigator You Can Trust
Nursing Home Investigator

If your parents, grandparents, or elderly loved ones are in a nursing home or receiving hospital or hospice care, it is natural to want the best treatment for them and be concerned about their well-being. While most nursing homes in St. Louis, MO, offer good services, there is nothing wrong with conducting a thorough investigation, especially if you have doubts. This is where we come in. Shadow Company Investigations is here to be your trusted nursing home investigator and help you uncover crucial information.

Based out of St. Louis, MO, we are fully aware of the laws and regulations of this region. Our nursing home investigator team is equipped with the required skills, experience, and equipment to conduct a well-rounded nursing home investigation. If you suspect your loved one is at risk or you simply want to investigate a company prior to administering services, contact us to learn more about our nursing home investigator services!

What Do Our Nursing Home Investigator Services Include?
Nursing Home Investigation Services in St. Louis, MO

We can investigate and provide support in the follow types of scenarios to ensure that your loved ones are protected.

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Our nursing home investigator team is dedicated to investigating cases of elder abuse and neglect. If you suspect your elderly parents or family members are being mistreated in a nursing home, hospice, or elder care facility, we can uncover the truth. Learning about the mistreatment of your loved ones can be incredibly painful; we understand this. Thus, we conduct thorough investigations to gather evidence and protect the rights and well-being of your loved ones.

Cases of Financial Fraud in Nursing Homes: As your nursing home investigator, we also help investigate financial fraud cases. Do you suspect that hospice care nurses are manipulating elderly individuals, especially those with dementia, to sign over power of attorney or swindle money, homes, cars, or other assets fraudulently? If yes, we are here to intervene and collect the necessary evidence through background checks, etc., to expose them. We work diligently to prevent financial exploitation and protect your family’s assets.

Cases of Missing Person: Has your family member gone missing from a nursing home? Did they leave the nursing home facility for some reason and are now a missing person? If yes, our nursing home investigator team will conduct missing person investigations to locate them and ensure their safety. Our team’s expertise in law enforcement ensures a swift and comprehensive search process.

Legal Support in Lawsuits: If you are involved in a lawsuit against a nursing home in St. Louis, MO, our nursing home investigator services can be invaluable. We provide investigative support to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and uncover critical information that can strengthen your case.

Why Should You Choose Our Nursing Home Investigator Services in St. Louis, MO?
Our commitment to excellence and dedication to the well-being of our clients and their loved ones sets us apart. We believe every person deserves to be treated with care and respect in nursing homes, hospices, and other facilities. To ensure this, our team of experienced retired law enforcement officers is ready to go above and beyond!

Shadow Company Investigations combines decades of law enforcement experience with a compassionate approach to protecting your loved ones. Our nursing home investigator team is discreet and highly focused on providing you with the answers and evidence you need to take appropriate action. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today or to learn more about our private investigator services!