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Are you trying to locate a loved one but haven’t succeeded? Has one of your loved ones gone missing months ago, and you still have no information about their whereabouts? If yes, the missing persons investigator at Shadow Company Investigations can help!

We know how hard it is to deal with a missing person situation, so we are here to bring you peace of mind and help bring families back together. Our private investigator team is highly experienced in dealing with missing person cases for both personal and legal investigations. We are retired law enforcement officers with over three decades of experience. Thus, we have complete knowledge of the legal complexities and the investigation skills to collect the relevant information and evidence.

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How Can Our Missing Persons Investigator Help You Out?
Investigator for Missing Persons in St. Louis & Nationwide

Whether you are located in St. Louis, other parts of Missouri, or any other State, our missing persons investigator can assist you. We provide nationwide locates and investigation services and can help you locate your loved one and provide the answers you are seeking. Our missing persons investigation services include:

Skip Traces: At Shadow Company Investigations, we are equipped with advanced tools to look for individuals who have gone missing, changed their identities, or are trying to stay undetected. With our thorough research, data analysis, and access to massive databases, our experts can help you find the people who are trying to hide.

Locating Persons: Are you looking for an old friend or relative you have lost contact with, or maybe someone who could be a key witness in a legal matter? Do you need the services of an adoption private investigator? No matter who you are trying to find, we have a highly professional missing persons investigator team who can help you out. We use interviews, surveillance, and other advanced search techniques to track down the person you are looking for and give you up-to-date information on their whereabouts.

Missing Persons Investigation: When a family member goes missing, the key is not to waste much time and contact a missing persons investigator ASAP. At Shadow Company Investigations, we take our missing persons cases seriously and work hard to find the person quickly. We coordinate with law enforcement, take advantage of our wide network of contacts, and use the latest technology to get important information and tips.

Cold Cases: Having unsolved cases and long-standing mysteries related to a missing person in your family can be frustrating and painful. Our experienced missing persons investigator is here to help. We use a mix of classic investigation tactics and state-of-the-art technology to reevaluate data, talk to witnesses, and pursue new clues. We are passionate about providing new evidence and fresh views to unsolved cases and are determined to bring justice to them and your family.

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Shadow Company Investigations is built on the foundation of teamwork, compassion, and relentless pursuit of the truth. From divorce investigations to criminal defense investigations, we treat every case with empathy.

We recognize the difficult emotions that those involved in a missing person situation may be experiencing. We aim to bring comfort, clarity, and closure to those affected.

Reach out to us to talk with our missing persons investigator about your case. They will do everything possible to find missing persons, uncover mysteries, and get the closure you deserve. Contact us to learn more about our private investigation services and receive a free consultation today!