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Asset Search Investigation Services for Divorce

When it comes to divorce cases that involve multiple properties and assets, having a clear understanding of all the financial matters is crucial. However, if one party hides the actual number of high-valued assets owned by them, the divorce can become complicated. To ensure that does not happen and you get a fair settlement, conducting an asset search by a top-rated private investigation firm can be a smart idea.

At Shadow Company Investigations, our private detective team specializes in comprehensive asset search investigations. With three decades of experience in the law enforcement and detective industry and all the necessary skills and resources, we can handle complicated asset search matters and provide you with the crucial information you need.

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Hire a Private Investigator for Asset Search Investigations

Shadow Company Investigations is the go-to private detective firm in St. Louis for divorce and family investigations. We provide our services to the entire Missouri region as well as throughout the United States. If you are separating from your husband or wife and require a comprehensive asset search investigation service, our team of retired law enforcement officers can help.

Here are some of the primary services that you will get when you choose Shadow Company Investigations for asset search services:

Identification of Hidden Assets: Our team of financial investigators for divorce uses the latest methods and resources to track down any hidden assets. This can include offshore accounts, cars, real estate, investments, companies, family heirlooms, antiques, and more. We make sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to asset search during a divorce or legal dispute.

Lifestyle Investigation: In many cases, one partner can hide the true nature of their wealth by presenting a misleading picture of their lifestyle in court. In such cases, our Lifestyle Investigation service comes into the picture. Our private investigator can investigate your partner’s spending habits. This can include taking expensive vacations and spending money on a new woman or man while reporting to the courts they have no money, job, or income.

Gambling Addiction Investigation: Our asset search also includes analyzing your partner’s earnings and Profit & Loss Statements from Casinos. If your partner has claimed that they have no money in court while they are spending huge amounts on gambling, we will uncover the truth for you.

Financial Record Analysis: Our skilled investigators investigate bank statements, credit card transactions, tax returns, business records, and other financial documents. We then closely examine all these records to spot any discrepancies, income not reported, or fraudulent financial activities.

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If you are going through a divorce and suspect your partner is hiding their wealth to avoid a fair settlement, we recommend you not wait. You deserve to know the actual nature of their assets so that you can protect your interests and get a fair settlement.

Reach out to Shadow Company Investigations today for a free consultation. We will walk you through our asset search process and help you gain the information you need.

Attorney Private Investigator for Law Firm Investigations

At Shadow Company Investigations, we understand the crucial role private investigators play in legal matters. To help you get the factually correct information and uncover the truth, we offer a wide range of services for law firms in St. Louis and other parts of Missouri. As an attorney private investigator, we work with law firms in various practice areas, ensuring they have the necessary information and evidence to build strong cases and represent their clients effectively.

To learn more about our private investigator services or start working with our attorney private investigator for your case, contact us online or by phone at 314-737-3166.

Our Attorney Private Investigator Services
Our attorney private investigator services can assist law firms in the following types of cases:

Family Law Investigations: We offer comprehensive family law investigation services to help law firms gather crucial evidence. Our services include collecting evidence related to parental fitness, infidelity, etc. As your attorney private investigator, we can also help you uncover hidden family assets, financial properties, and more. We understand the sensitive nature of family law cases and work discreetly to provide attorneys with the information they need to navigate complex legal issues.

Child Custody: Child custody battles can be highly sensitive and emotionally charged. Not to forget, they also affect the future of a child or children. At Shadow Company Investigations, we offer child custody investigation support to attorneys so that they can establish the best interest of the concerned child. As your trusted attorney and private investigator, we promise to do everything possible to ensure that the child is placed in a safe, happy, and nurturing home environment.

Criminal Defense: In criminal defense investigations, every piece of evidence plays a vital role in deciding the outcome of the case. As a leading attorney private investigator, we specialize in assisting law firms in collecting key evidence and recording information that can be admitted in court. Our goal is to help attorneys secure the best possible outcome for their clients.

White Collar Defense: As an attorney private investigator, we also provide investigation services for white-collar defense cases. Our expertise includes defending against allegations of financial irregularities, embezzlement, and fraud.
Divorce Surveillance: Our divorce investigation and surveillance services help attorneys gather evidence of spousal misconduct, hidden assets, or any activities that may affect the outcome of the divorce settlement.

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Attorney Private Investigator in St. Louis, MO

As your attorney private investigator, we bring years of experience and expertise to the table. Our team is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct thorough and legally sound investigations.
Being from the area, our team is well-versed in the laws and regulations of St. Louis and the State of Missouri, ensuring that the evidence we gather is admissible in court.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn more about how our private investigation services and expertise can benefit your law firm. You can also schedule a free and discreet consultation with us. Our team will look at your case’s requirements and will come up with a solid plan of action to help your case.

Criminal Defense Investigations

The consequences of criminal charges are serious – your freedom and reputation are on the line – even if the charges are wrong. Thus, to protect yourself from such severe allegations and outcomes, you need an experienced criminal defense investigations expert on your side.

That is where our private investigator team comes into the picture! We specialize in criminal defense investigations, so you can trust us to help uncover the truth and collect the evidence that will defend your rights. When you pick us, we will not just look at the surface of your case- we will dig deep to uncover any wrongful arrests, false imprisonments, planted evidence, and cases of mistaken identity.

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What Type Of Criminal Defense Investigation Services Do We Provide?
Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense Private Investigator

When your future is at stake, you need a solid defense strategy to help you out. That is why our criminal defense investigations experts dig deep into the facts, locate witnesses, and expose any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We will do everything in our power to find the evidence that proves your innocence or casts doubt on the accusations against you. With our investigative skills, you can trust your defense team to mount a solid and convincing argument.

Wrongful Arrest
If you are dealing with a wrongful arrest, our team can help with our criminal defense investigations. We will analyze all the details surrounding your arrest, review police reports, and talk to witnesses to see if anything looks off. Our mission is to uncover any wrongdoings that may have caused your arrest and give you the evidence you need to clear your name.

False Imprisonment
If you have experienced the injustice of false imprisonment, it is a severe violation of your rights. Our criminal defense investigation experts are here to help you find justice. From examining all relevant data, such as police documents, surveillance videos, and witness accounts, to coming up with court-admissible evidence, our team will do everything to show the injustice you have endured.

Planted Evidence on Person
Our team of investigators has the skills and resources to detect planted or fake evidence against you. We look into the details of your arrest, track the path of evidence, and question any discrepancies with the prosecution’s story.

Innocent Person Identified as the Suspect
Our criminal defense investigations also involve resolving the issue of mistaken identity. We know how much is at stake – innocent people can be wrongfully accused and their reputations ruined. We take a comprehensive approach to our investigations, examining every detail, reviewing witness statements, and gathering any evidence that could prove your innocence. Our team will not rest until we have done all we can to clear your name.

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Are you looking for top-notch criminal defense investigation services to clear your name or the name of your loved ones? If yes, Shadow Company Investigations is the firm you can trust! We understand the gravity of criminal defense cases and the toll they can take on your life. Our team of investigators is passionate about uncovering the truth, exposing any wrongful actions, and helping you secure the justice you deserve.

Contact us to learn more about our private investigation services. Call us to schedule a free consultation and let our experienced law enforcement professionals handle the complexities of the criminal justice system on your behalf.

Missing Persons Investigator Conducting Locates

Are you trying to locate a loved one but haven’t succeeded? Has one of your loved ones gone missing months ago, and you still have no information about their whereabouts? If yes, the missing persons investigator at Shadow Company Investigations can help!

We know how hard it is to deal with a missing person situation, so we are here to bring you peace of mind and help bring families back together. Our private investigator team is highly experienced in dealing with missing person cases for both personal, criminal, and sex trafficking investigations. We are retired law enforcement officers with over three decades of experience. Thus, we have complete knowledge of the legal complexities and the investigation skills to collect the relevant information and evidence.

To discuss your case or begin working with our team, contact us online or by phone today for a free consultation.

How Can Our Missing Persons Investigator Help You Out?

Investigator for Missing Persons in St. Louis & Nationwide

Whether you are located in St. Louis, other parts of Missouri, or any other State, our missing persons investigator can assist you. We provide nationwide locates and investigation services and can help you locate your loved one and provide the answers you are seeking. Our missing persons investigation services include:

Skip Traces: At Shadow Company Investigations, we are equipped with advanced skip-tracing tools to look for individuals who have gone missing, changed their identities, or are trying to stay undetected. With our thorough research, data analysis, and access to massive databases, our experts can help you find the people who are trying to hide.

Locating Persons: Are you looking for an old friend or relative you have lost contact with, or maybe someone who could be a key witness in a legal matter? Do you need the services of an adoption private investigator? No matter who you are trying to find, we have a highly professional missing persons investigator team who can help you out. We use advanced search techniques to track down the person you are looking for and give you up-to-date information on their whereabouts.

Missing Persons Investigation: When a family member goes missing, the key is not to waste much time and contact a missing persons investigator ASAP. At Shadow Company Investigations, we take our missing persons cases seriously and work hard to find the person quickly. We coordinate with law enforcement, take advantage of our wide network of contacts, and use the latest technology to get important information and tips.

Cold Cases: Having unsolved cases and long-standing mysteries related to a missing person in your family can be frustrating and painful. Our experienced missing persons investigator is here to help. We use a mix of classic investigation tactics and state-of-the-art technology to reevaluate data, talk to witnesses, and pursue new clues. We are passionate about providing new evidence and fresh views to unsolved cases and are determined to bring justice to them and your family.

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Shadow Company Investigations is built on the foundation of teamwork, compassion, and relentless pursuit of the truth. From divorce investigations to criminal defense investigations, we treat every case with empathy.

We recognize the difficult emotions that those involved in a missing person situation may be experiencing. We aim to bring comfort, clarity, and closure to those affected.

Reach out to us to talk with our missing persons investigator about your case. They will do everything possible to find missing persons, uncover mysteries, and get the closure you deserve. Contact us to learn more about our private investigation services and receive a free consultation today!

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