International Insurance Fraud Investigations

International Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud is an increasing menace which is happening across the world. Our insurance fraud investigation in St. Louis, Missouri or anywhere in the world is a valuable service which is carried out to identify as well as determine whether fraud is occurring or not. Insurance fraud costs the insurance market billions and billions of dollars every year, hence there is a greater need for private insurance fraud investigators to avert bogus payments. Shadow Company Investigations based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America has one of the most experienced insurance fraud expert and insurance fraud analyst to deal with any type of insurance fraud.

What leads you to an Insurance Fraud Investigation?

Alleged cases of insurance fraud tend to be investigated to locate whether or not the claim is fraudulent or otherwise. Therefore there is an increasing demand for only the best insurance fraud investigator and is usually activated whenever an insurance adjuster recognizes red flags in a claim and also believes that the data provided is suspicious. The insurance provider now alerts the private insurance fraud investigator that an insurance policy fraud is happening, so the insurance fraud investigation starts.

Throughout the operation of the insurance fraud investigator, examines the claimant’s credit history, and his background. They would also perform video surveillance, and then the proof is gathered from the place of the incident. During this kind of investigation, in case any fraudulent activity is found out it is disclosed to the insurance company.

What Kinds of Insurance Fraud are Committed?

Individuals make an effort to commit insurance fraud in some ways. They might try and stage incidents or even get bogus accidental injuries to extort money from insurance claims. Together with personal fraud cases, the healthcare sector is frequently accused and then found guilty of fraud by the process of charging the patient for laboratory tests that were never performed. Regardless of what kind of insurance fraud is committed, our insurance fraud investigator at the Shadow Company Investigations is professionally trained so they will catch a scam immediately.

The insurance fraud scientist at the Shadow Company Investigations integrates insurance providers as well as their staff to assist them to locate the facts with regards to insurance policy investigations. Our insurance fraud investigators and insurance fraud experts give the insurance providers with an outstanding service that will save them lots of money in bogus claims. As soon as we uncover fraudulent action, our insurance fraud analysts get proof which is admissible in the court so the claims will no longer be rewarded and then prosecution happens by way of law enforcement.

Being one of the best insurance fraud investigator not only are we enabling our clientele with their insurance fraud investigations, but yet we are also assisting consumers around the world. It has been established that insurance fraud will cost you more, in the long run, for the insurance plans. Bogus claims add up to around 10% of those submitted, generating an enormous pain for insurance providers.

Our staff of insurance fraud Investigators has expertise the following forms insurance cases:

Based on the National Crime Insurance Bureau, bogus insurance claims not just increase our premiums. However, they as well raise our taxes. Being one of the best insurance fraud investigators, we have been standing upright against insurance fraud and then producing a big difference in the lifestyles of our consumers.

When you have been a target of insurance fraud, we ask you to check out our website and then find out more about our insurance fraud investigations. We will be here to make sure that bogus activity is discontinued knowing that the people who are responsible are given justice. Contact us today and permit us to assist you in your case. We are going to provide you with the best in insurance fraud investigations and also stand up behind our work.

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