How to Hire an International Computer Forensic Investigator?

How to Hire an International Computer Forensic Investigator?

Since the turn of the millennium for personal and business purposes, computers have become the most must-have contraptions, and the usage and dependence on the Internet continued to move upwards. 80% of all corporate data is now being stored electronically and allowed to stay in the electronic format explained the expert forensic investigator from Shadow Company Investigations LLC, based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America.

Then we received the bad news. As the use of computers increased, so did the crime related to computer. According to the crime reports in the United States of America statistics, in 2017 alone, computer crime increased by around 20 percent. These crimes needed a computer expert, or a forensic scientist to understand the depth of the corruption and an expert crime scene investigator who can present the computer evidence methodically in the court of law to book the culprit. The computer forensic expert, the computer forensic analyst, and a forensic investigator have now new role as a computer forensics expert witness stated the crime scene investigator from Shadow Company Investigations Inc. at St. Louis, Missouri.

The computer forensic expert witness is, in fact, a computer forensic investigator who can, not only investigate but if needed can also be asked to testify as a witness. A computer forensics expert witness is a specialist and is certified to testify regarding the accuracy and findings of computer forensics. A computer forensics expert witness can play the dual role efficiently. The computer forensics investigator is the designated specialist who can investigate, analyze as well as discover the available, deleted, or hidden information that can be used as evidence in a court case. Therefore a computer forensics expert can provides valuable testimony, documentation and also help in presenting electronic data in legal proceedings to prove and win your case assured the senior private investigator from Shadow Company Investigations.

The senior forensic investigator at Shadow Company Investigations list the following functions carried out by computer forensic scientist:

  1. Expose the level of a security breach.
  2. Recoup information which has been corrupted or even deliberately erased.
  3. Find precisely how security checkups were dodged.
  4. Find the person responsible for the crime, say a hacker, someone via the internet, a staff member, or perhaps an irate partner.
  5. Computer forensics experts help us expose possible proof in situations such as blackmail, child pornography, copyright infringement, corruption, decryption, damage of data, scams, commercial espionage, money laundering, sexual abuse, computer software piracy, robbery of intellectual property, as well as not authorized use of classified data.

The need for computer forensic investigator for your court case is explained in detail by the chief crime scene investigator at the Shadow Company Investigations as given below:

  1. A computer forensic scientist correctly evaluates the relevance of the information present in the computer(s).
  2. A private computer forensic investigator helps in preparing and responding to interrogatories at the court.
  3. He is the primary crime scene investigator who collects and checks data by utilizing the forensics program and methods.
  4. He is the designated computer forensic expert who builds reports for the court proceedings.
  5. He is the computer forensic analyst who designs and presents expert testimony.

A computer forensic investigator assists the public, companies, and individuals in the following ways:

They help law enforcement officials in dealing with crimes related to computers in the area of identity theft, child pornography, a breach in defense establishments, investigating narcotic trade, extortion rackets and so on.

So if you are a technology based company or a small business owner and want us to carry out a forensic audit of your establishment then you can call us at (833) 345-7778.


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