How to Hire a Computer Forensic Investigator?

How to Hire a Computer Forensic Investigator?

The crime in today’s world has taken a technical turn since the advent of computers, increasing use of the internet, and social media practices. Now the next breed of Sherlock Holmes will not have to hire a hansom to reach the scene of the crime. They can probably sit comfortably in an office and start tinkering with the electronic gadgets like the computer, smartphones, and other digital devices using software’s and get evidence which is admissible in the court or perhaps get essential data to catch a hacker sitting somewhere else. The job of a computer forensics investigator has become one of the most important in solving digital crimes of varied kinds. Moreover, the new generation of private investigators are asking questions like what is digital forensics and how is it used in investigations, or what is the salary of the digital forensics expert?, Is there a degree in digital forensics? Alternatively, what course in digital forensics need to be taken to enhance your digital forensics skills? Alternatively, what are the educational requirements to become a computer forensics investigator? Hence in the following excerpt, our chief forensic investigator from Shadow Company Investigations LLC based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America will explain in brief the role of a computer forensics investigator.


The private forensic investigator has to be an expert in processes like XRY, UFED, FTK Imager, XWAYS, EnCase and so on.

The forensic analyst or forensic scientist has to perform the following role as enumerated by the senior private forensic investigator from Shadow Company Investigations Inc. at St. Louis, Missouri:

  • Provide professional advice to staff, other agencies and members of the public relation to best practice and procedures for investigating digital and electronic devices by nationally agreed protocols, law, legislation and the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence.
  • Conduct an initial risk assessment of digital devices (by H&S legislation) ensuring they are safe to be examined.
    • Attend telephone communications guiding the public about the services offered.
    • Capture, recover, retrieve and also take out information from mobile devices and portable gadgets in a forensically sensible way while maintaining a record of the procedures used.
    • He is responsible for managing the crime scene investigators to make sure skilled implementation of all court cases.
    • Developing forensic methods, strategies as well as courses consistent with developments and improvements in technology, making sure they satisfy certification requirements and also credibility for the court.
    • Give an entire service from the beginning of an investigation to the retrieval as well as the generation of evidential records.
    • Responsible for participating in case meetings to evaluate case needs and then recommend on approach around digital evidence demands.
    • Prepare case relevant records in a standard suited to the expected objective.
    • Provide a professional explanation of proof produced.
    • Attend the courtroom whenever needed in the total capacity of the Digital Forensic Investigator.

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