How to do Surveillance Investigations

How to do Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance Tools Used in Divorce

Whenever you are entangled in a divorce case, your divorce attorney will be asking you for valid reasons or proof which are admissible in the court to support your case. So if you decide on hiring a private investigator some of the queries faced by you will be: Is it legal to hire a private investigator to follow someone in a divorce case investigation? Can you sue someone for hiring a divorce case, private investigators? What is the private investigator cost for cheating spouse surveillance? Can private investigators take photos for surveillance? Do divorce attorneys hire private investigators? What are the risks of hiring a private investigator? What is the real cost of private investigator cheating spouse surveillance? The following article deals with many such issues as given above;

In the divorce case investigation cases, the divorce case investigators working in a divorce case agency often use different surveillance tools to collect evidence admissible in court. Being involved in a divorce case, you may have considered using technology to get the upper hand. If so, you are not alone. It has been discovered that more people than ever are using covert technology, such as spy cameras, to try to find evidence to use against their spouse. You might be interested in the reasons for using these kinds of instruments. However, only family law private investigators are private investigators worth doing it since they know the real risks behind using such tools as you may not be aware of the risks of hiring a private investigator that is not licensed.

Child Custody

When you have kids and also want to make them secure, you may be considering utilizing a spy digital camera to keep an eye on whatever your ex-spouse does indeed with the children. For instance, you may now have mutual custody, or maybe your ex-spouse becomes visitation with the kids sometimes. If you wish to ensure nothing dangerous or perhaps improper is said or completed, you may be lured to hook up a spy digital camera to your kids.

Nevertheless, when your ex-spouse learns concerning this, she or he might feel you may not have faith in him or her with the young ones. Additionally, your ex-spouse may take this up to his or her divorce attorney, who could possibly have the family court to rule you have violated wiretapping laws and regulations in your state. For that reason, you need to seek the services of a certified private investigator to ensure the strategies you intend to employ are lawful as well as moral. On top of that, the divorce case investigators from a registered divorce case agency have the necessary surveillance tools to carry out such divorce case investigation cases.


If you were mandated to pay out alimony as well as believe the amount of money is unfair, you may contemplate getting evidence. For instance, when your ex-spouse states to not be employed, meaning she or he requires additional cash from you, it might be easy to get him or her tracked via Global positioning system. In this way, you will find out when your ex-spouse really has work as well as basically telling lies to the family court to get extra cash via alimony, which is not uncommon. However, in case you are owed alimony as well as have been assigned that your ex-spouse does not possess an occupation anymore, you will find out if it is correct by employing Global positioning system monitoring. In case you found that she or he does work, and merely looking to get away from making alimony payments, you may use Global positioning system monitoring to establish this. On both of these forms of divorce cases investigations a suitable divorce case agency through its divorce case investigator can help you arrive at the truth.

Extramarital affairs

Maybe you are committed and also believe that your wife or husband has been unfaithful. You may use technology to verify your fears either incorrect or correct. You may use mobile phone monitoring, Global positioning system monitoring, or perhaps the key logger, which data records whatever is typed in on the computer keyboard. In this way, you will have certain evidence for the family court if you need to exhibit proof of infidelity whenever conveying your final decision to divorce. It is usually great to basically notice yourself, so that you definitely know in case you need to have a divorce over the fears of being unfaithful.

Advanced surveillance tools private investigators employ to sleuth

Covert monitoring needs extraordinary fortitude and appropriate tools. Here’s a glance at a web-based source for investigative experts which is used for collecting information and facts without being detected.

  1. Small Audio Recorder

It is the world’s tiniest high-grade sound recorder. In spite of the size, it has good quality audio as well as level of sensitivity for hearing discussions.

  1. Tiny Digital camera

It is a high-resolution tiny digital camera stick along with their use by private investigators, to spy on babysitters.

  1. Global positioning system Tracker

It is the world’s tiniest Global positioning system data logger. You could put the tiny device where ever you prefer; your vehicle, child’s back pack, practically anyplace.

  1. Mini Bionic Super Ear

The bionic ear enables you to confidentially listen to from good distances. It is small size, light weight as well as skin tone color provides for the individual wearing it to listen to from great distances without anybody also understanding you are wearing it.

  1. Wire Frame Video surveillance Sunglasses

These types of eyeglasses always keep the glow away from the eye balls and also have mirrors inside corners to help you see behind you.

  1. Pen Recorder

This pen recorder will give you the capability to digital record if you are taking notes, composing up a statement or record although the working pen is within your pocket.

In case you are interested in these types of technology, you can tell our divorce case investigator, who can certainly help in your divorce case investigation since Shadow Company Investigations based at St. Louis. Ohio in the United States of America is a licensed global private investigating divorce case agency. Some of most prominent places where we have left our indelible mark of excellence in covert surveillance are in the middle eastern countries like Bahrain (Manama), Cyprus(Nicosia), Egypt(Cairo), Iran(Tehran), Iraq(Baghdad), Israel(Jerusalem), Jordan(Amman), Kuwait(Kuwait City), Lebanon(Beirut), Oman(Muscat), Palestine(Ramallah), Qatar(Doha), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Turkey(Ankara), United Arab Emirates(Abu Dhabi). Shadow Company Investigations is one of the leading global private investigative agency providing comprehensive investigation services like:

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We do have our assets in some prominent locations across the globe such as Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, North America, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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