How to do Corruption and Political Investigations

Intricacies of Political & Public Corruption Investigations

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Many private investigators and private detectives like us at S.I.S. Global Investigations will be called upon to participate in public corruption or political investigations at some point in their careers. However, they may have not experienced one that goes sideways then involving State Police investigators from the division of drug and crime control and the F.B.I. looking into the investigation not because a crime was committed but only because the world we live in is now politicized. The F.B.I. has become sucked into this political hole as well. Typically Law Enforcement agencies handle criminal investigations. However, make no mistake about it if you are a private investigation company that becomes involved in a corruption or political case and your cover gets burned you will become involved in a Federal Probe involving Subpoenas and search warrants signed by a federal judge even when there is zero evidence of probable cause for the judge to sign a search warrant.

You will also have your surveillance equipment seized by federal law enforcement seized and never returned even when there have never been any formal charges filed. You will also be guaranteed to be questioned for at least 5 hours or more and that is for starters. Then the media will get wind of this and you and your private investigation company will be on international news outlets that you were caught being involved in the surveillance of prominent figures and you will suffer possible embarrassment.

If all that isn’t enough wait it just keeps getting better. Once law enforcement contacts you and informs you that you have been lied to by your client you now hjave possible litigation and contract or billing disputes with your client. Then the lawyer you have retained finds out what is going on and he is also connected politically breaks your confidentiality and then fires you. So now you are in the middle of a federal probe and having a major dispute with a client and also have no legal counsel either after the client also stated that they would cover all legal expenses if things went sideways.

You then find out the very people who hired you after all these years of having a business relationship woke up one day cooked up a story and threw you into the meat grinder.


How to Plan a Political or Corruption Investigation

For starters the investigation has to be completely sterile there can be no real license plates used, no GPS trackers that can be traced back to the company they are from or the private investigations company they are being subscribed to. only burner phones or in-person communications or written and then shredded messages can be used. your client or anyone else absolutely cannot be provided real-time information to protect the sterility of the investigation. Corruption and political investigations like former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was involved in must be planned very methodically and also have contingencies and many backup plans. there must be many covert operatives involved as well as agents of distraction, and diversion to help in case of being possibly burned.


What to do if your Case is Compromised?

Well, opinions vary but we can tell you that your safest bet is to never talk to law enforcement without an attorney present. Something you say may be taken out of context twisted around and then used against you. You will also see that those with political connections who do lie to the F.B.I. in such cases which is a federal offense will not even be charged and free to continue their criminal lifestyle when many others have been charged with such offenses.


Retaliation, Harassment, Stalking

If your cover is burned you should expect some potential serious issues. Normally things would not be as serious. However, when dealing with politics and the people involved they think they are more important than average people. From our experience, they are only more corrupt. If the politicians or public figures find out you were conducting covert investigations against them they will retaliate in full force, possibly try to charge you with a crime whether you have committed one or not, and also use their state connections to contact your state board of private investigations board to either revoke, suspend, or place your pi license on probation. Your private investigations board will even go as far as using a client dispute or complaint from years before placing your license on probation and even stooping as low as sending actual state investigators to call you a faggot in public. These are just a few of the things amateur private investigators are very naive that can and will happen when getting involved in such cases.


The Truth

The good news is when all the smoke clears either way and you have uncovered the truth from your investigation you will see daily on the news for about a year all of the politicians flying the coop to run as far as they can if it does turn into a Federal investigation. These corrupt political types just can’t stand the pressure once it all begins and they just run in sheer panic that all their illegal briberies, payoffs, blackmail, dirty cops, extortion, kidnap, money laundering, corporate fraud, drug trafficking, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, dirty CEOS, and even murder are all going to come to light. It is a beautiful thing to see it crumble firsthand.


Clients Sabotaging their case

We have witnessed first-hand clients lie to us and ignore the most important aspect of our contract. We run the investigation, not you! After all, this is why you called us. What happens is many people are malignant narcissists and are not capable of letting the pros do their job because of their incurable control issues. Also, they know they are also trying to play you in their web of lies and deceit so they can’t even be honest with their private investigator. A few things will happen in this case. The case will be burned and self-sabotaged. Also most likely the media and law enforcement will get involved and by way of a legal probe many or all facts of the case will become public record causing major humiliation to the client.


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