Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation Services

When people, Lawyers, Businesses, or Corporations need to hire an expert Criminal Investigator for Criminal Investigations or Criminal Defense Investigations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East they trust S.I.S. Global Investigations, a professionally trained, licensed, and insured Private Investigators & Private Detectives that have a vast career in Law Enforcement enabling us to handle these Criminal Investigations that most Private Investigators simply don’t have the background to handle let alone get results. If you need to hire an expert Criminal Investigator near you today for a complex Criminal Investigation please contact S.I.S. Global Investigations. 


Criminal Defense Investigations

If you have been wrongfully arrested, charged with a crime, or incarcerated and need to hire an expert Criminal Defense Investigator to prove your innocence you can trust our Criminal Defense Investigators at S.I.S. Global Investigations who have worked in Law Enforcement our entire careers and now use this vast amount of training, experience, and education to help prove peoples innocence, protect their human rights, constitutional rights, ad insure they receive Due Process.