Corporate Surveillance

Corporate Surveillance Services

In this fast-paced business world, keeping your business’s integrity and security intact for success is essential. Our corporate investigations are designed for just that.

Our team has many years of experience conducting corporate investigations in St. Louis and nationwide. We have earned a stellar reputation for getting results and helping businesses reduce risks, settle internal disputes, and uphold ethical standards. We strive for excellence and always give our corporate investigations the highest level of attention and professionalism.

Our team can guide you through complex situations, safeguard your resources, and ensure your workplace remains safe and productive for everyone involved. Whether it is looking into workplace fraternization or utilizing surveillance and GPS tracking, we have the expertise to reveal the facts and help you make the right decisions.

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What Do Our Corporate Investigations Include?
Hire a Private Investigator for Corporate Investigations & Surveillance Services

Shadow Company Investigations offers comprehensive corporate investigations to ensure a harmonious and safe workplace environment. From investigating employee theft or misconduct to providing workers’ comp surveillance, our private detective team is equipped with advanced tools and skills to conduct workplace surveillance, background checks, and more.

Here is a quick look at some of our most popular corporate investigations services available in St. Louis and nationwide:

Investigation of Workplace Fraternization: Have a situation at work where employees are getting too close? Or do you suspect that your employees are violating a workplace fraternization policy? Our team can help uncover the truth with our corporate investigations. We can discreetly look into things and gather evidence to determine if anything needs to be addressed. We will use surveillance, interviews, and data analysis to figure out what is going on, so you can keep your work environment professional and positive.
Workplace Surveillance: Gathering up-to-date and accurate data is vital in the fast-paced business world these days. We have your back with our tailored surveillance and corporate investigations that fit your company’s needs. We use the latest technology and experienced investigators to carry out investigations discreetly and provide you with the evidence you need to safeguard your business.
GPS Tracking: Our GPS tracking services make staying on top of critical situations easy. Whether you are keeping tabs on company vehicles for improved efficiency and compliance or monitoring employee movements during work hours, our tracking solutions give you the power to make informed decisions.
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At Shadow Company Investigations, we know modern-day businesses today face some tough and unique challenges every day. That is why we offer corporate investigations to help protect your company’s reputation, assets, and work environment. From looking into workplace fraternization to providing GPS-tracking solutions and background checks, our experienced professionals have your back. We will provide you with the accurate information you need to take action.

Reach out to us now for a free consultation and let us help you get to the bottom of things at your company or workplace. Shadow Company Investigations aims to become your dependable ally in corporate investigations and other private investigation matters.

A Nursing Home Investigator You Can Trust
Nursing Home Investigator

If your parents, grandparents, or elderly loved ones are in a nursing home or receiving hospital or hospice care, it is natural to want the best treatment for them and be concerned about their well-being. While most nursing homes in St. Louis, MO, offer good services, there is nothing wrong with conducting a thorough investigation, especially if you have doubts. This is where we come in. Shadow Company Investigations is here to be your trusted nursing home investigator and help you uncover crucial information.

Based out of St. Louis, MO, we are fully aware of the laws and regulations of this region. Our nursing home investigator team is equipped with the required skills, experience, and equipment to conduct a well-rounded nursing home investigation. If you suspect your loved one is at risk or you simply want to investigate a company prior to administering services, contact us to learn more about our nursing home investigator services!

What Do Our Nursing Home Investigator Services Include?
Nursing Home Investigation Services in St. Louis, MO

We can investigate and provide support in the follow types of scenarios to ensure that your loved ones are protected.

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Our nursing home investigator team is dedicated to investigating cases of elder abuse and neglect. If you suspect your elderly parents or family members are being mistreated in a nursing home, hospice, or elder care facility, we can uncover the truth. Learning about the mistreatment of your loved ones can be incredibly painful; we understand this. Thus, we conduct thorough investigations to gather evidence and protect the rights and well-being of your loved ones.
Cases of Financial Fraud in Nursing Homes: As your nursing home investigator, we also help investigate financial fraud cases. Do you suspect that hospice care nurses are manipulating elderly individuals, especially those with dementia, to sign over power of attorney or swindle money, homes, cars, or other assets fraudulently? If yes, we are here to intervene and collect the necessary evidence through background checks, etc., to expose them. We work diligently to prevent financial exploitation and protect your family’s assets.
Cases of Missing Person: Has your family member gone missing from a nursing home? Did they leave the nursing home facility for some reason and are now a missing person? If yes, our nursing home investigator team will conduct missing person investigations to locate them and ensure their safety. Our team’s expertise in law enforcement ensures a swift and comprehensive search process.

Legal Support in Lawsuits: If you are involved in a lawsuit against a nursing home in St. Louis, MO, our nursing home investigator services can be invaluable. We provide investigative support to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and uncover critical information that can strengthen your case.
Why Should You Choose Our Nursing Home Investigator Services in St. Louis, MO?
Our commitment to excellence and dedication to the well-being of our clients and their loved ones sets us apart. We believe every person deserves to be treated with care and respect in nursing homes, hospices, and other facilities. To ensure this, our team of experienced retired law enforcement officers is ready to go above and beyond!

Shadow Company Investigations combines decades of law enforcement experience with a compassionate approach to protecting your loved ones. Our nursing home investigator team is discreet and highly focused on providing you with the answers and evidence you need to take appropriate action. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today or to learn more about our private investigator services!

Political & Corruption Investigations

Even while following all the precautions, unfortunately, corruption can still affect even the most respected political and governmental institutions. That is why we at Shadow Company Investigations are dedicated to protecting the public and holding those in power accountable. We do this by conducting comprehensive corruption investigations into political matters. Our goal is to bring wrongdoers to justice and ensure everyone acts with the utmost ethical standards.

If you are suspicious of the activities of a political party, government office, or leader, our team of skilled investigators can help with our corruption investigations services. In the St. Louis area or nationwide, contact us to learn more about our private investigation services and how we can help!

Why Should You Choose Us for Conducting Corruption Investigations in St. Louis and Nationwide?
Political and corruption investigations are essential to ensure a fair and just society – and that is what we do at Shadow Company Investigations. Our team is experienced in uncovering the truth and untangling various complicated political matters. We are dedicated to truth, justice, and transparency, and offer services that can help tackle the unique issues that come with governance.

Political & Corruption Investigation Services

Our private investigator offers the following corruption investigations services:

Investigation of Political Cases: Our private detective team is here to help when it comes to complex political cases. We understand the need for attention to detail and accuracy when it comes to uncovering the truth behind allegations of misconduct, campaign finance violations, or ethical breaches. We strive to get to the bottom of any political case and provide the evidence necessary to take legal action or make a public disclosure.

Voter Fraud Investigation: Making sure that our democratic process is respected is necessary for a fair and open society. Our team knows all about finding voter fraud and making sure that all votes are counted correctly and ethically. In our corruption investigations, we use advanced techniques and go over data carefully to find any strange or suspicious activity that could be used to change the results of an election. Our mission is to keep our elections safe and make sure people can trust the system.
Addressing Political Corruption: At Shadow Company Investigations, we are passionate about bringing justice to those who have been wronged due to political corruption. We are not afraid of uncovering bribery, embezzlement, abuse of power, and conflicts of interest. Our team investigates every angle, from reviewing financial records to interviewing key people to expose corrupt leaders.

Thorough Public Corruption Investigations of Dishonest Public Officials: Our services do not just stop at political corruption investigations. We also tackle public corruption conducted by public officials. When law enforcement, local government, or public offices behave unethically or criminally, the results can be devastating for a community. Our experienced team – which includes retired law enforcement officers – is all too familiar with the nefarious activities of mayors, city council members, and police officers. We work hard to reveal these abuses of power and restore faith in public institutions.

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If you wish to make a difference in the fight against political misconduct, we at Shadow Company Investigations are ready to join you. Our political and corruption investigations are designed to uncover wrongdoing, combat voter fraud, and address public corruption. With our experienced investigators, cutting-edge techniques, and commitment to justice, you can count on us to help bring those in power to account. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

Business Fraud Investigations

Shadow Company Investigations has been a renowned private investigation firm in St. Louis for decades. After working in the industry over 30 years, we offer a variety of business investigation services to businesses and individuals in St. Louis and throughout the State of Missouri. We offer comprehensive business fraud investigations to help businesses avoid cases of fraud and protect their finances, confidential data, and more.

Whether you are a business owner in Missouri, an investor, or a concerned party, our specialized business fraud investigations are here to safeguard your interests. With our experienced team of retired law enforcement officers on board, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to protect your business and interests.

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Exploring Our Business Fraud Investigation Services
Businesses, both large and small, are the driving forces behind the economy. They create job opportunities and fuel innovation. However, businesses are also vulnerable to deceptive practices that can undermine their foundations and ruin their finances. In many cases, having an experienced and reliable investigation partner is necessary for protecting yourself from business fraud.

Business fraud investigations do not only require experience but also a relentless pursuit of truth, transparency, and justice. We excel at all this at Shadow Company Investigations. We can help you uncover all types of business fraud, ensuring the integrity of your business and finances stays intact.

Read on to learn more about what our business fraud investigations include.

Contractor Fraud Investigations
Business Fraud Investigator

Contractors play a major part in every business. As a business owner or individual, you will have to trust and work with multiple contractors from time to time. Since this involves sharing important business information and resources with them as well as costly contracts, conducting contractor fraud investigations is essential.

Our investigators meticulously scrutinize various contractors to assess their legitimacy and determine if they are genuine or fraudulent. As a part of our business fraud investigations, we delve into their history, conduct background checks, evaluate online reviews, assess judgments, and investigate lawsuits against them. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of your contractor’s background and helps you make informed decisions.

Business Legitimacy Verification
If you are planning to partner, collaborate, or merge with another business, verifying the legitimacy of the businesses involved is vital. That is where our business legitimacy verification services come in. We can conduct thorough investigations to determine if a business is real or is a fraudulent entity attempting to scam individuals or organizations.

Due Diligence Investigations
Along with business fraud investigations, we can also help you carry out due diligence investigations on a business. This ensures that you have access to the latest and most accurate information before making critical decisions. Whether you are considering a merger, partnership, or hiring a new business, our due diligence services provide you with the insights necessary to make informed choices.

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If you are a business owner or individual looking to protect your interests, investments, and reputation, you can confidently rely on Shadow Company Investigations. We have been offering business fraud investigations to the residents of St. Louis and other parts of Missouri for decades and can help you with the same.

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White Collar Crime Defense Investigations

Are you looking for reliable and renowned white collar crime defense investigators in St. Louis, MO? If yes, then your search ends at Shadow Company Investigations. We have a seasoned team of retired law enforcement professionals with 30 years of experience, making them some of the best people to get the job done. We are fully trained in covert surveillance and expert investigations. So, no matter how complicated your white collar crime defense case is, we have the capability and resources to tackle it.

From conducting business fraud investigations to acting as a private investigator to your attorney, we will help you gather evidence and build your case. Get in touch with us to learn more about our private investigator services and how we can help!

Our Expertise in White Collar Crime Defense Investigations
White collar crime is an incredibly broad category of crimes. They often include, but are not limited to, non-violent financial offenses like fraud, money embezzlement, insider trading, etc. Defending against these charges requires a meticulous approach and a thorough understanding of the facts. And that is why our white collar crime defense investigation service can be invaluable to you.

White Collar Crime Defense Investigator

Our white collar crime defense and investigation services can include:

Collection of Evidence: Our investigators have expertise in collecting and preserving evidence critical to your defense. Whether you are accused of fraud, money laundering, or other white collar crimes, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that every piece of evidence is uncovered. We not only find essential information, but we collect and record it in such a way that it can be admitted in court easily.
Financial Forensic Analysis: A common element of all white collar crimes is that most of them include complex financial transactions. Our team has financial forensic experts who can analyze financial transactions and uncover hidden clues, irregularities, suspicious entries, etc. in order to support your defense.
Background Checks: Our white collar crime defense investigation services also involve conducting background checks on various key individuals related to your case. Our background checks help in uncovering any potential biases, conflicts of interest, or hidden agendas.
Witness Interviews: Witness interviewers and statements are one of the most crucial parts of building a solid defense case. When you choose us, our team will conduct and record interviews with witnesses to gather their testimony, ensuring that your side of the story is accurately represented. We will ensure that you get a fair chance of setting the record straight and do not have to pay the price of a crime you did not commit.
Choose Shadow Company Investigations for Reliable White Collar Criminal Defense Services in St. Louis
If you need support for building your white collar crime defense case in St. Louis, MO, Shadow Company Investigations is the name you can trust. While you prepare for your case, our team will collect and record key information and evidence to prove your innocence.

With our meticulous, legally sound, and tailored investigations, you and your legal team will be able to mount a strong defense and protect your rights in court. Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation today!