Can a Private Investigator Help Win Child Custody?

Can a Private Investigator Help Win Child Custody?

Every case is different but there are some common types of cases that our private detectives or investigators have been handling on a regular basis for child custody lawyers, and our associated tactics have proven to be successful in protecting the best interests of the child in these situations. Given below are some of the common issues you or your child custody lawyers are going to face during a child custody case. Hence, our chief private investigator Jack Clusso (name changed to protect identity) enumerates here as to how being one of the premier global investigating agency Shadow Company Investigation based at St. Louis, Missouri in the USA can help you both come out of it with flying colors:

Custody Disagreements

In some custody disagreements, we get queries from child custody lawyers or even fathers and mothers contesting a child custody case who worry that they can deal with an irrational as well as untruthful ex-wife or husband in the courtroom. In cases like this, we perform an investigation directed at arming you with the details. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty however if you might deal with fake accusations, it’s advisable to get the proof readily available to disprove these.

During these types of cases, we utilize the following techniques:

  • 24 x 7 video surveillance of a mother or father with the kid in their everyday life.
  • Gathering of witness records to verify the conduct as well as reputation of a mom or dad and also
  • Conduct a background study into one or perhaps both the parents to determine whether or not they may be of sound economic standing, to see if they have any specific felony record.

Custody Contract Violations

In a child custody case when you presume your ex-husband or wife is violating their custody contract or perhaps worse, you realize it’s occurring on a regular basis then you definitely will need proof to confirm this. A private investigator can collect evidence of common custody violations, such as:

  • Late to pick-up or perhaps drop your kid while you are transmitting custody
  • Violation of custody terms and conditions for example, when they are not able to bring your son or daughter to prearranged appointments and so on.
  • Presence of unsavory or maybe undesirable acquaintances once the mother or father has got custody of the child Child Mistreatment as well as Disregard

Child mistreatment

as well as disregard is a severe issue in a child custody case that need quick involvement. Some of the well-known proof of physical or mental abuse or disregard consists of:

  • Black eyes, bruises, or even some other visible physical maltreatment

. Underperformance in school

  • Mood changes or perhaps unexpected adverse reactions
  • Desire to no more be around a particular human being
  • Stealing from other people or even frequently demanding cash for food (when already provided)
  • A malnourished or underfed physical appearance
  • An unkempt or maybe unwashed physical appearance

When any one of these indications seems to be found, then you definitely ought to take action. Private investigators can furnish speedy affirmation of mistreatment or disregard, and also give proof to you as well as the cops. Regrettably, the responsibility is on you to supply evidence for this behavior before any specific family court date, and so before any particular accusations or even allegations were made. When you allege that your son or daughter has been mistreated and can’t back this up it may damage your odds of having partial or even complete custody of your child. So contact us now at (833)

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