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Elevate Your Hiring Process with Instant Online Background Check and Employment Screening Services in North America


In the fast-paced world of recruitment and hiring, the need for efficient, reliable, and instant online background check and employment screening services has never been greater. As businesses across North America seek to build robust teams, the role of these services becomes pivotal in ensuring the integrity and reliability of potential hires. This article explores the comprehensive range of expert services offered, the types of background checks available, and how businesses, including human resources, staffing agencies, and manpower companies, can benefit from these services.

Our Services

  1. Reference Verification:

    • Our instant online background check services include thorough reference verification to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by candidates.
  2. Employment Verification:

    • We offer swift and reliable employment verification services, confirming details such as job titles, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving.
  3. Employee Background Investigations:

    • Delving deeper, our employee background investigations provide a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s professional history, ethics, and performance.
  4. Professional License Verification:

    • Ensure compliance and reliability by verifying the professional licenses claimed by candidates.
  5. Sex Offender Search:

    • Prioritize safety with our sex offender search services to create a secure work environment.
  6. Nationwide Wants and Warrants:

    • Identify potential risks by conducting searches for nationwide wants and warrants.
  7. Social Media Investigation:

    • Gain insights into a candidate’s online presence, promoting transparency in the hiring process.
  8. Instant Online Background Checks:

    • Our instant services provide real-time results, enabling quick decision-making in the hiring process.
  9. Social Security Verification:

    • Confirm the legitimacy of Social Security information, adding an extra layer of security.
  10. Personal Background Checks:

    • Tailored background checks to understand an individual’s character, reliability, and overall suitability for a role.
  11. Renter Background Checks:

    • For industries such as property management, our services extend to renter background checks for comprehensive tenant vetting.
  12. Public Records Search:

    • Delve into public records to uncover any additional information that may impact hiring decisions.
  13. Education Verification:

    • Confirm the educational qualifications of candidates, ensuring alignment with job requirements.

Types of Employment Background Checks

  1. Identity Verification:

    • Confirm the identity of candidates to prevent fraudulent activities during the hiring process.
  2. Criminal Background Checks:

    • Comprehensive criminal background checks to assess potential risks associated with candidates.
  3. Credit Background Checks:

    • Assess financial responsibility and potential risks associated with candidates handling financial responsibilities.
  4. MVR Reports:

    • Motor Vehicle Records reports are crucial for roles that involve driving responsibilities.
  5. Professional License & Education Background Checks:

    • Ensure that candidates possess the necessary professional licenses and educational qualifications.
  6. Fingerprint Background Checks:

    • An additional layer of security, especially in sensitive industries.
  7. E-Verify Background Checks:

    • Confirm the eligibility of candidates to work legally in the United States.

Benefits for Clients

  • Efficiency:

    • Swift and instant results enable quick decision-making in the hiring process.
  • Reliability:

    • Thorough and comprehensive background checks ensure the accuracy and reliability of candidate information.
  • Compliance:

    • Our services assist clients in adhering to industry regulations and compliance standards.
  • Safety:

    • Prioritize the safety of the workplace and team members with our in-depth screening services.
  • Customization:

    • Tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your industry and hiring requirements.
  • Bulk Screening:

    • Ideal for clients with a high volume of employee background checks, such as human resources, staffing agencies, and manpower companies.


In a competitive job market, businesses cannot afford to overlook the importance of thorough and efficient background checks. Our instant online background check and employment screening services in North America are designed to empower businesses, ensuring they make informed and secure hiring decisions. Whether you are a human resources professional, staffing agency, or a company with significant hiring needs, our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to meet the demands of modern recruitment and employee vetting. Elevate your hiring process with the reliability and efficiency of our expert background check services.

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