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When it comes to asset searches that involve multiple properties and assets, having a clear understanding of all the financial matters is crucial. However, if one party hides the actual number of high-valued assets owned by them, the divorce can become complicated. To ensure that does not happen and you get a fair settlement, conducting an asset search by a top-rated private investigation firm can be a smart idea.

At S. I.S. Global Investigations, our private detective team specializes in comprehensive asset search investigations. With three decades of experience in the law enforcement and detective industry and all the necessary skills and resources, we can handle complicated asset search matters and provide you with the crucial information you need.

In North America and internationally, contact us to learn more about our private investigation services and request a free consultation for your case.


What Do Our Asset Investigations Include?


S.I.S. Global Investigations is the go-to private detective firm in North America for locating hidden assets. If you are separating from your husband, wife, or business partner and require a comprehensive asset search investigation service, our team of retired law enforcement officers can help.

Here are some of the primary services that you will get when you choose S.I.S. Global Investigations for asset search services:

  • Identification of Hidden Assets: Our team of financial investigators for divorce uses the latest methods and resources to track down any hidden assets. This can include offshore accounts, cars, real estate, investments, companies, family heirlooms, antiques, and more. We make sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to asset search during a divorce or legal dispute.
  • Lifestyle Investigation: In many cases, one partner can hide the true nature of their wealth by presenting a misleading picture of their lifestyle in court. In such cases, our lifestyle investigation service comes into the picture. Our private investigator can investigate your partner’s spending habits. This can include taking expensive vacations and spending money on a new woman or man while reporting to the courts they have no money, job, or income.
  • Gambling Addiction Investigation: Our asset search also includes analyzing your partner’s earnings and profit & loss statements from Casinos. If your partner has claimed that they have no money in court while they are spending huge amounts on gambling, we will uncover the truth for you.
  • Financial Record Analysis: Our skilled investigators investigate bank statements, credit card transactions, tax returns, business records, and other financial documents. We then closely examine all these records to spot any discrepancies, income not reported, or fraudulent financial activities.

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If you are going through a divorce or child custody issue and suspect your partner is hiding their wealth to avoid a fair outcome, we recommend you not wait. You deserve to know the actual nature of their assets so that you can protect your interests and get a fair settlement.

Reach out to S.I.S. Global Investigations today for a free consultation. We will walk you through our asset search process and help you gain the information you need.



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