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Private Investigator & Detective Services

Private Investigator Services – Private Detective Services

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Black Belt Law Enforcement Veterans who are Licensed Private Investigator & Detectives with Tactical Security Training for SIS Global Investigations who provides people the best rated and most comprehensive Covert Investigative Solutions on the market. Our Private Detectives we have hired at SIS Global are the best money can buy. Our Covert Operatives have had years of intense Law Enforcement Investigations experience, training, and formal education making us a well rounded and highly experienced Investigative & Intelligence Agency. We serve North America, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Egypt. When Lawyers, Corporations, and Insurance Companies have complex investigative needs they call SIS Global Investigations for help.

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Child Custody 

Cheating Spouse


Background Checks

Locate Person Investigation

Business Investigation

Auto Theft

Online Dating Investigation

Asset Investigations

#1 Private Investigator Services for all 50 States

SIS Global Investigations firm provides more Detective Services and serves more locations in North America & Internationally than any other Investigations Company online. We provide a vast array of investigative services that help everyday people, businesses, corporations, law firms, and insurance agencies both in North America and Globally. Our Private Investigators possess College Degrees in Criminal Justice, advanced training in interviewing, and have special training in Body Language that places us a step above the competition when conducting surveillance and understanding what is happening most likely when observing strange behaviors by our targets which in turn provides us more vital intelligence and pertinent details that go into our investigative case narrative’s. SIS Global Investigations understands that no detail can be overlooked when handling a case.

Our Private Investigator Tools & Techniques

makes your view on protecting yourself and how serious it is going to another level. We utilize the most cutting-edge Surveillance Cameras with telephoto lenses that provide date & time stamped evidentiary court worthy photographs. We have conducted thousands of hours of surveillance and our work has solved hundreds of Private Investigations for people in North America and around the Globe. Our Private Investigator Services help people with any investigation needs they have no matter how small or large. Our Advanced Law Enforcement Databases provide real time Address, Employment, Vehicle Registration, Associates, Family Members, Last Known Residence, Liens, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Hidden Assets, Financial Information, Sex Offender Registry, and Nationwide Criminal History Record Checks for all 50 States.

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If you’re in need of the most discreet private investigator services in the world, then you have cam to the right place. With many private investigation’s companies, they do not answer the phone or never call people back. Therefore, people hold SIS Global Investigations as the golden standard of Private Investigations. Our Private Investigator Customer Service is unparallel in being open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, weekends, and Holidays. For a Free Private Investigator or Detective Consultation contact SIS Global Investigations. We have live expert trained Private Investigators standing by to speak with you personally about your concerns with affordable price plans. Based on Your Case Assessment and budget we will specifically design a unique Investigative approach that will yield you the most results possible for the private investigation you have retained us for. Thanks for visiting us at SIS Global Investigations we look forward to addressing your concerns.

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