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For the last decade we have been responsible for providing Background Checks, Surveillance, Intelligence, and Risk Management to the Special Forces Community as well as helping Hollywood Elites facing threats from stalkers. 




Our Team

CEO Michael Bland in Egypt

CEO of S.I.S. Global Investigations, Michael Bland, is a 30-year investigator, retired Police Officer, and Police Chief having served roles in S.W.A.T. operations, high-risk raids, trained sniper, and owner of two private investigator firms. Michael has conducted private investigations in the States of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, and in continents of Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Mexico. Michael has handled all types of complex investigations tanging from terrorism to corporate investigations. Michael has also conducted corporate investigations for companies like B.P. Oil, and Monsanto Chemical Company.

Liza Tarakanova

Liza is an expert-trained analyst, private investigator, speaks fluent Russian, and the best researcher mind a company can only dream of hiring.

Loay El-Meschtawy

Loay is a former Egyptian Military and is in charge of Executive Protection operations conducted in Egypt.

Ahmed Fekry

Retired army officer “Brigadier General” gained wide experience in security management during military service for more than 30 years in different areas of specialties (Special Forces – Command & Staff College – Military Police – International Military Cooperation).
• Served in two high risk UN Peacekeeping Missions, as Operations Officer at UNMIS, and Military Observer at UNOMIG.
• Extensive experience in peacekeeping operations (Patrols – VIP close protection – Escort convoys – DDRR).
• Holding two Master’s Degrees, Military sciences “Command and Staff collage”, and Business Administration “Human Resources Management”.
• Certified Security Management Professional Level 6 Accredited Diploma (CSMP®).
• Certified Security Manager (CSM®).
• Certified Occupational Safety and Health.
• Certified Trainer of Trainers (TOT).
• Currently working on my PhD thesis in Business Administration “Human Resources Management & Organizational Analysis”.

Phena Omangi

Phena is an amazing person and expertly trained Global Investigator who over sees day to day operations in Afrca

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